3D Image Viewing Minus Glasses

NOTE! : Don't try this without reading the disclaimer found in my TVG document !

If you are familiar with the currently-popular "Stare-E-O" computer-generated
"random dot stereograms," you have an advantage, but not much of one. If you can cross
your eyes by an effort of will, you also have an advantage over people who can't.

When you see my "stereo pairs," you will see what looks like two identical images of an object
on the same black-backgrounded page. They're not identical. They are a computer-graphic
artificial reproduction of the difference in viewing angle between your two eyes.
(This is the basis for the way your eye/brain system gives you that feeling of three
dimensions. Each eye gets a slightly different image of what you are looking at.)

What you are going to do is to make four images out of the two you will see on the screen,
and then you are going to allow the middle two to "relax" and blend together.

IF you do this correctly, and you have never done it before, you are going to be
quite astonished, and you will immediately lose control of it. (That's OK; just repeat
the effort again.)

Once you have the image before you, do the following:

First, stretch out your arm (right or left, doesn't matter) and put your finger on the screen.
Lean back as far as you comfortably can while still touching the screen; this is your "working distance."

Second, look AT the tip of your finger, on the screen, and then gradually move it back
toward the tip of your nose.
Now the only "hard" part: while you are doing this, "be aware" of the images on the screen.
Practice a few times. While you are moving your fingertip, you should be able to notice
that the images are moving apart; there should be two sets of two images. Your job is to superimpose
the center two. (The righthand image in the left side pair and the lefthand image from the right side pair.)
This should happen when your fingertip is about halfway to the tip of your nose.
(You'll see what looks like three images.)

If you've done this aright, and you're looking AT your fingertip but "concentrating on"
the images in the background, the 3D effect will suddenly happen to you.
(It will also make your eyes feel really, really funny, like something's wrong with them.)
Trust me: it's automatic if you're doing it right.

(See also, the TVG file format)

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