....are made-up words, sometimes done for fun, sometimes done because no other word
quite suffices. There are several of these in my work with "tetrahedraverse" (which is itself a neologism).


Note that this is just a slight mis-spelling of "point." The mathematicians'/geometers'
"point" is not quite what I mean, but it is so close in meaning that
I merely changed the lettering so as to avoid mathematicians hollering at me for using a
"standard" math word in a nonstandard manner.


This is equivalent to 13 spheres closest-packed. If one uses only 12, and one packs them most-
spherically symmetrically, one gets an actual (regular) icosahedron. It is "hollow"; there is no
sphere inside. However, in the case of 13 spheres, there is a sphere in the middle,
and this sphere "forces" the outer 12 outward a little, allowing gaps to exist between the
spheres. So, the 13-sphere version of this object looks like (a regular) icosahedron,
but it's not. (Get it?)


This is obviously a fusion of the words "direction" and "dimension."
It is useful because in the Icosahedro(not), all directions from the center piont
are also functionally increments of dimension in Tetrahedraverse.


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