A short story, on impossible things and paradoxical people:

..........................(Or vice versa)

There were a man and a magician, in the kitchen of the man's home. The magician said "I have these two identical magical spheres, made of 'Notylon.' Notylon has one absolute property: once you make something out of it, you can never change it except in size, and nothing _else_ made of it can ever be forced to combine with any other object made of it. Now watch:"

The man watched the magician take the two balls from his pocket and set them on the table. They were very beautiful, clear as crystal and perfectly smooth. The magician rolled one up to the other and they touched.

"Now," said the magus, "these balls are touching. Because they're made of Notylon, they cannot push into one another, and they will stay touching as I do the magic." The magician waved his fingers over the balls and they started to _shrink_. The man watched them go, and soon they were too small to see.

The man said, "Where'd they go?"

The magus said, "They're still there, they've just gotten small."

The man cried: "I don't believe you!" So the magus waved his fingers in a manner opposite to what he'd done before, and soon the man saw the balls appear on the table surface and begin to grow. They grew and grew and grew. Soon they were as big as basketballs, and they _still_ grew. The man hollered "Stop them! They're going to ruin my house if they keep growing!" (The magician smiled, and waved his fingers again.)

The balls stopped growing. The magician again waved his fingers and the balls began once again to shrink. They got smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and soon the man could not see them any more. He cocked his head and thought a moment. "Uh... Mr. Magus, how small will they get?"

The Magus cocked his head similarly and gave the man a deep, penetrating look. He smiled inscrutably and said "They will _never_ stop getting smaller, unless I stop them with my magic."

The man thought a moment, and he was confused. "But.... but.... doesn't that mean that they must, in an eternity of becoming smaller, become...." (He paused dramatically, for effect.) ".......DIMENSIONLESS??"

"Yes," said the magician simply.

"But," said the man, "they will become ONE ball if they do that!"

"No," said the magician.

"HOW SO?? WHY NOT??" hollered the man, deeply offended at the apparent affront to his logic.

"Because," said the magus, "they are made of Notylon, and once a thing is made of Notylon, it can never, ever, even in eternity, be forced to combine with another thing made of Notylon. No matter how small they get, these two Notylon spheres will always be separated from one another, even if they become...." (He, too, paused for dramatic effect.) "........DIMENSIONLESS!!"

"BUT THAT'S _LUDICROUS_!!" screamed the man.

"Pity you think so," said the magician, and with that, he waved his fingers and the balls suddenly expanded back up into the world of familiarly-sized things. The magus picked them up and put them back in his pocket, then he rolled himself up from the feet like a runaway windowshade and disappeared with a soft "pop!"

The man, left standing in a room now empty of magician, spheres, and understanding, made himself a cup of coffee and sat down, resolving never to let another loony magician into his house again.

The End.

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