"Polonium" Haloes and the Age of the Earth

The Facts About "Polonium Haloes"

.GIF of an Uranium halo (from the author's samples)

More halo examples. Look carefully at some of these few;
they clearly show the relationship between haloes and cracks in the mica.

NEW August 2005: Even More haloes. Click on thumbnails for the larger images.
NEW August 2005: A very short description of Radon222 halo formation
NEW August 2005: Suggestive mineralogical evidence for the self-migrating Radon222 hypothesis.

Uranium-238 and its Radioactive Decay Chain

Creationist Robert V. Gentry

The Alternative; Radon Migrations in 'Single File'

John Brawley's complete 1992 paper; the Radon Migration Hypothesis (local)
Same thing; remote location

Gentry's Coalified Wood haloes


Link to Gentry's Website, "Earth Science Associates"
Link to vast amounts of anti-creationist source material

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two U238 halos Uranium halo