Photo disclaimer:
While every photo is mine, these are photos of photos of through-the-microscope-eyepiece images of halos, hence you're seeing not only a fourth-generation image (taking generation one as the eyeball itself), but also a double instance of my not-so-perfect photography.
So, please excuse the fuzziness and sloppy borders.

Single, on a crack:

Double halo, one of them with a double imprint:

Two "polonium 210"-type single-ringed haloes:

Very typical example of halos formed in/on a single sharp crack:

Five, and the apparent source of the Radon222 that probably formed them. Note carefully the dark outline around the radioactive inclusion on the left, and that it has roughly the same width as half a halo's-width. Note also the halos forming/formed right at the boundary of the particle:

Typical streams of halos strung out along linear cracks; good evidence that migration of Radon, or at the least migration of soluble Uranium, flowed along the crack, forming halos over geologic time:

These are but a few of the many dozens of images, from the many hundreds of samples, of the many thousands of halos, that are in my collection.
Inquiries are welcome.

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