Additional radiohalo samples and images, provoked by receipt of two requests for information, in August of 2005.

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Some may be HTML pages, containing info on why the particular image contributes, or not, to my Radon-222 migration hypothesis for "polonium" halo formation. All images were made using a Bausch and Lomb flat-field four-objective semi-professional monocular microscope and a Polaroid PD-700 digital camera.
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Sinkhole Mine, Bandana district, North Carolina
NCSINK001.gif (152K) NCSINK005.gif (104K) NCSINK005oi.gif (329K) NCSINK006.gif (263K) NCSINK006-2.gif (153K) NcSinkTHE_a.jpg (105K) NcSinkTHE_b.jpg (162K)

"Helen Beryl" Mine, an exposed pegmatite near Keystone, South Dakota
69_HB_PoOnCrack_1000x.jpg (216K) 69_HB_PoOnCrack_100x.jpg (128K) 70_HB_PoOnCrack.jpg (135K) 79_HB_100x_210Po.jpg (181K) Nice238U_SD_1000x.jpg (472K)

From two unnamed mines in South Dakota
SD2MIN_FamOfH100X.jpg (121K) SD2MIN1.jpg (208K) sd2minGroup&rod.jpg (198K)

From the Peerless Mine, behind the Borglum museum in Keystone, South Dakota
SDpeer_TypField.jpg (191K) SDpeer007_4&3wzirc.jpg (113K) SDpeer002_2onlimicrak.jpg (99K) SDpeer003_limicrak.jpg (107K) SDpeer003_tadpole.jpg (73K)

From the Etta Mine in South Dakota
ETTA2_po218.jpg (83K) SDETTA001_crys&h.jpg (177K) ETTAbig_zirc.jpg (314K)

From the Chestnut Flats and McKinney mines
(Note: Chestnut Flats was source of quartz for the first attempt to cast the Palomar Mountain telescope mirror.)
NC-CHFL001_2h.jpg (77K) NC-CHFL001_2hb.jpg (144K) NC-MCKI001_schist.jpg (171K)

From the Silver Crater mine, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
(Note: This mine supplied some of R.V.Gentry's samples. This mica was not extracted by myself.)
SilCra_1Po210oil.jpg (143K) SilCra_2Po.jpg (178K) SilCra_Crys&3.jpg (118K) SilCraCrys&h.jpg (197K) SilCraCrys&h2.jpg (92K)

Various other samples, and odd/strange phenomena in the mica
SDpeer003star.jpg (119K) biot2musc_bound.jpg (149K) biot2musc_wrod.jpg (157K) SDpeer003star10x76.jpg (472K) po_UMSL24_1Po.jpg (1K) (More coming . . .)