Download page for "Uncle Sam's" opinion of the year 2000 "election."

(To understand How America Works, read this explanation:)

In early November of the year 2000, I was jobless, cold, and living in someone else's river cabin, just down the road from my own (which was then unlivable).

As the Presidential Election Thing unfolded, I sat there watching it all on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and other cable channels, utterly astounded and wondering how such a thing could possibly have occurred.

In fits of furious contemplation, I tried to understand what was happening, and began to write down things. Also, going online, I sent letters to all sorts of people (not a one of which was recognized or answered).

Finally, around December 6th or so, less than a month before the change into a new Millennium and several days before (that's important) Al Gore conceded on the 13th, with the character of Uncle Sam (that I had once portrayed on stage) again residing in me and with Hal Holbrook's twangy vocal rendition of Mark Twain riding on top of it in my imagination, I produced the basis of the text here presented.

It is to my mind important to remember, if you read and/or listen to me, that this 'story' was completed before the thing had ended with the Gore concession, thus there was actually time to implement the solution presented in the story. As unlikely as that might have been to happen, I nonetheless mailed an hard copy of the writing directly to the Supreme Court, on or about Saturday the 11th. (Gore conceded on Monday).

Four files are here:

The text, in 1) TXT and 2) DOC formats.
(*Slight editing has occurred, April 2004; the originals are here,
in case you wish to see what little got changed: .txt; .doc*)

3) Audio, in MP3 format, recently rerecorded; 10 MB
(These start playing almost immediately in Windows Media Player 10.0)

....I would have tried RealAudio, but I got lost in its complexity, and it also requires a server-side handler which I don't care to beg my host for nor to try to configure.

Audio originally in .WAV format, recorded at 22,075 Hz, 16 bit mono. Quality's not bad; it sounds to me, like me....

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